Bridging the gap between EV & Chargers

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EV Owners Worries!

Charger Owners Worries!

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Here Comes EVSetu:

As the name suggests, EVSetu is determined to bridge the gap between Electric Vehicles and EV Chargers.

Currently we are entangled into the famous trap "Catch -22 Situation", Where EV buyers are waiting for the Charging stations to populate and Charging Stations waiting for the Electric Vehicles to flood.
The Only way to come out of this situation is the proper communication and information flow between both consumers.

Tell Us!
Where Do you want EV Charging Station?

We are conducting the Survey, which will gather the information from every Electric Vehicle owners (or who are planning to buy the EV) about their preferred locations of Charging Stations. 

EV Charger Near You!

You can Choose the Charging Stations’ locations near your residences, offices or enroute.

We will provide the charging stations as per your convenient locations.

One Stop Solution

The Charging stations will have all the world class facilities like, Fast Chargers, Constant (non Fluctuating )  Electricity, Sufficient Parking/Charging Space, rest rooms, transparent metering & billing system, easy payment options & lot more.